Central Harlem Senior Citizen Center Coalition, Inc. (CHSCC) was founded in 1973.
The founders were Rev. Emerson J. Moore, Ms. Elois Banks, Ms. Delores Grier, Rev. George W. McMurray, Mrs. Alberta Barnes and Mrs. Elaine Marius. They were successful in advocating for public funding toward the creation of new senior center nutrition sites in under and unserved communities.

This allowed for the creation of a community based service model, allowing for the expansion of services for seniors living in these communities, Central Harlem being one of them. This model has been replicated citywide.

Under the leadership of one of the founders and its first Executive Director, Ms. Marius, CHSCCC began as one site. Currently, its name has been changed to Central Harlem Senior Citizens’ Centers, Inc. (CHSCC) and has grown to three sites, along with providing lunch to seniors in a housing complex.

In addition, the Marius legacy continues with the founder’s daughter, Cheryl currently serving as the President of CHSCC’s Board of Directors.